TOP FIVE [Distractions from God] — #2

#2 — Facebook

Didn’t expect this one, did you!

“I’m just going to look up some verses on the computer…”
*Three minutes later…
“Hey! I got a notification. Crap, it’s just a game request. Oh, look at what this guy posted. Aww… they’re so cute together! Look at her new pictures.”
*and of course…
“There’s that Matt again posting those stupid Facebook pictures advertising his stupid blog!” 🙂 

Yep… I’m not one to say Facebook is the downfall of civilization but I am certain it is the downfall of the quiet time. Want to get close to God? Put your laptop up, put your phone up, don’t EVER use your iPad Bible app (ever) , and just exist with God by yourself for a while.

Ready for tomorrow’s big reveal of Number 1 on our list? It may surprise you! See ya then.



Matthew Estes

Matthew Estes currently exists in the ether between graudate student and full-time worker. One day he hopes to be a full-time novelist and blogger, but until that day comes he spends his time playing video games, eating pizza, and being with his soon-to-be wife. However, he has yet to do all three at the same time. Bucket list stuff, you know.