Dissapointing Things Your Girlfriend Can Say. #2

[Read the first one here if you want to.]

[ REMINDER: This is a blog series designed for guys who are in a relationship or married. Don’t worry, there won’t be anything “mature”, just ironically disappointing things that a girl can say without realizing it. It’s just for fun…]

You never want your girlfriend or significant other to say:
“I don’t like that shirt on you.”

Yep. This one’s a real killer. A girl will automatically say that the second she sees you. Of course, as a guy, your first reaction is to think “I don’t care if you like my shirt. It’s just a shirt. It’s not like the clothes I wear determine the person I am.” Of course, it usually just comes out as “Well, it’s good to see you too!”

Clothes may not mean much to guys, but girls exist in a symbiotic relationship with clothes. The clothes they wear become who they are, and girls assume the same applies for guys.

Guys, if your girl says this to you, be prepared for a bad day. If you don’t match, or your shirt doesn’t fit quite right, your girlfriend will constantly be distracted. Don’t expect to have deep and romantic talks, or enjoy a trip out to eat somewhere. And if you’re looking for a kiss… well let’s just say that Beast from Beauty and the Beast has a better chance of getting one than you. At least he is soft and cuddly.



Matthew Estes

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