“Blue Like Jazz” Opinions

Yesterday, I sat down to a new movie that just came out called Blue Like Jazz. This is one tough nut to crack. I will say this, I love the movie. But it really makes you think. You sit and watch a Christian crumble into the depths of sin. That is all. The film lacks clear resolution, but it is so very complex. It asks questions “Christian movies” dare not.

This is the first movie in a long time that has put my brain in a bit of a feedback loop. In a manner, this movie is exactly what I wanted. It is a complex look at faith from a non-religious perspective. In that regard, it functions flawlessly.

And yes… it has some content. Don’t let your kids watch it. They wouldn’t understand it anyway. A Christian movie with content??? GASP. HERESY! … get over it. Seriously.

…or does it? …or am I? …or do I?
These are the questions I asked myself over and over again.
“Well I’m never that bad… or am I?”
“I’ll never be like Don… or will I?”
“I never do anything nearly as hypocritical as that church… or do I?”
“This movie doesn’t reflect my heart… or does it?”

I just don’t know what to make of this movie. I don’t know if I am even a fan. I just know I needed this journey. And this movie did more to secure my faith than Courageous, Veggie Tales, or even To Save a Life (and I really really loved To Save a Life) ever did.

It’s movies like this that will be the real revolution…



Matthew Estes

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