I just wanted to apologize to you guys about something. I have the habit sometimes of trying to outdo myself sometimes. If you’ll take a look back at the last few blogs of mine lately, you’ll notice that I keep trying to say something more and more profound. You guys don’t want that, at least not all of the time. The point of a blog is not to necessarily be deep all of the time, but to simply enjoy myself.

Well, on with the show!

I have some umbridge (definition 4) towards girls who contemplate EXACTLY what a guy’s characteristics should be before she even meets him. I feel like– much like the objectification of women affects guy’s expectations of girls– when girls preemptively fantasize of their expectations towards a guy, they can end up missing a great guy that truly exists. I mentioned this a bit in the Twilight article, but I’m going into more detail here.

“Oh, I want a guy who loves to cuddle, and has a six-pack, and is a firefighter, and takes me to dinner all of the time, and…”
Yeah. I just don’t think life really works that way, and girls needn’t get disappointed to not find this “dream”.

And the worst part is, you may miss out a guy who is morally a GREAT person. THAT is something you girls should be fantasizing about.

“I want a guy who believes what I do, and isn’t afraid talk to me about those beliefs. I want a guy who is a gentleman. I want a guy who won’t try anything I’m uncomfortable with.”

Those ARE attainable goals, and you may find that learning about the guy with those qualities is far more fulfilling than unwrapping that shiny new “hot guy” from the “hot guy” factory that brought us Channing Tatum and Taylor Lautner.



Matthew Estes

Matthew Estes currently exists in the ether between graudate student and full-time worker. One day he hopes to be a full-time novelist and blogger, but until that day comes he spends his time playing video games, eating pizza, and being with his soon-to-be wife. However, he has yet to do all three at the same time. Bucket list stuff, you know.