You’re Using It Wrong #2

I get really frustrated when people don’t use words in the correct context. The only thing I can really do, however, is tell people the correct way. This is the second entry. You can see the first here!

Nauseous Vs. Nauseated   —   Submitted by Anonymous

I’ll admit that when She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named submitted this, I knew it was going to be a toughie. I only ever really got annoyed with this once she pointed it out. I myself had always thought they were synonyms. But they’re not. It’s important that you get this. (Not really. Seriously. If you want to skip this one, it’s so irrelevant I won’t be offended.)

When you are nauseated, you feel sick.
When you are nauseous, you make others sick.

Think about it like this. You say “I am nauseous.” Then I, as a grammar Nazi, say, “Yes, you really are. You’re inability to use that word correctly makes me sick.

This is correct in it’s purest form, but… well…
It seems usage writers and people still use them interchangeably. So much so that it seems okay to use them interchangeably. I don’t really know what to tell you. Just… use whichever one you feel like, I guess.

Allusion Vs. Illusion

THIS, on the other hand, is very very important. You will encounter these two words throughout your life, and most of you just don’t get it.

An allusion is an indirect reference. Any time you make a pop culture joke, you are making an allusion. If you read a book, and somebody in the Bible is mentioned, it is an allusion.

An illusion is something seen that isn’t really there. A mirage is an illusion. A preppy girl at school has the self-perceived illusion that she is perfect.

Got it?? So why the heck do people think an allusion is an illusion. It’s not that hard.

Through vs. Thorough vs. Though vs. Tough vs. Threw vs. Thru

My goodness, right? Well, this entire group or words have been messed up to no end. You ready?

Let’s get THROUGH this homework.

Let’s get through this homework, and let’s do a THOROUGH job.

Let’s get through this homework and do a thorough job, even THOUGH it’s TOUGH.

I tried to do a thorough job getting through this tough homework, but I THREW it on the ground.

After we get finished with this homework, we’ll go through the drive-THRU.

Don’t mess these words up in real life, please. You WILL look like an idiot. Keep on submitting these confusing words in the comments. I’ll keep making these.



Matthew Estes

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