A Rich Life

Money is not irrelevant in this world. Currency is the driving force of each and every person in the world because of scarcity. There simply isn’t enough stuff or space to go around. But money isn’t even close to everything in this life.

The idea of money running the world is nothing new, but it is modern America where it is most refined. Our success isn’t measured by relationships or quality of work, but instead by the number attributed to our total assets. Life should not be like that. I will not live like that.

From this point on, it’s reckless abandonment. I will do what I’m passionate about in this life, not what will net me the most green. I will go to college to get the degree I want, and I’ll have a great life and a great family. Most importantly, I will get out in the world and be a beacon for Christ using my words and actions.

You see, I have that piece of the puzzle that allows me to say I’m just not going to care about money… at least not as much as I have been. I know my God, who has always pulled my family and I through, will not fail me. 

So I’ll get up and got to college/work/life with a smile on my face, embracing the sunrises and hard work and relationships in my life. They shall become part of my soul, and will help me be an example of the masterful painting God has envisioned in me. A crude example, but an example no less.

And so… whether I have 20 dollars (like I do now, haha) or $20 million, this will be the last thing on my mind. My currency is joy, and last time I checked I was at no risk of defaulting on joy. I may not be rich, but I will have a rich life.






Matthew Estes

Matthew Estes currently exists in the ether between graudate student and full-time worker. One day he hopes to be a full-time novelist and blogger, but until that day comes he spends his time playing video games, eating pizza, and being with his soon-to-be wife. However, he has yet to do all three at the same time. Bucket list stuff, you know.

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