The Phil Robertson Incident


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Homosexuality is, according to the Bible, a sin. But I’m not about to start singling out homosexuals where there are so many other sins that Christians struggle with. Things like hatefulness, gluttony, and… oh yeah… intolerance. But yeah, if you want proof that homosexuality is wrong in the Bible, don’t turn to Leviticus, just read Romans chapter 1. But enough of that…

This is the Chick-Fil-A thing in reverse. Instead of homosexuals getting offended by an entrepreneur’s comments, it’s Christians getting offended by an entrepreneur’s actions. And (some of you are going to hate this) I’m glad for it. Phil Robertson was just stating his opinion. That is the very definition of the First Amendment. Firing him because he was expressing his values showed definite bias against Christians

Here’s the deal though. This is not a matter of First Amendment rights.

Nobody did anything wrong. Phil Robertson did nothing wrong by saying he was against the homosexual lifestyle. He could have said a lot worse things and gotten away with it under the Constitution. 

But A & E did nothing wrong either. Did they do something incredibly stupid? Yes. But wrong? No. They had every right to fire him for any reason. It’s not my fault the chose to fire the lead in their highest rated show because they didn’t like what he said about his own faith. That’s their problem.

He’s a fundamentalist Christian, what did you expect him to say when confronted about homosexuality by a liberal magazine? You’re lucky he didn’t say that all gay people should be lined up and shot. And even if he did, he’d still get away with it according to the Constitution.

As of now, Phil Robertson is a media martyr, as he should be. The legend of Duck Dynasty will go on, as it should, even if the show doesn’t. As annoying as it is, this issue has just begun. But I guess…
I’m with Phil.

But for the record, I can’t stand that show. What’s everybody so obsessed over?



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