Top 5 Fictional Relationships – #5 Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley


I haven’t done a top 5 list in well over a year, but for this week only we’re going to return to that format as I bring you my favorite fictional relationships. 

It seems to be Harry Potter day around campus today, with shirts, signs, and references to the juggernaut of a franchince floating about, so it’s appropriate that my first couple be Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.

But what makes them so great? I mean, they were both awkward and not all that good with relationships. Certainly nobody I know has said “I want a love like Harry and Ginny”! And yet, in the depths of literature, I consider them one of the great couples. Why? Because there was nothing out of this world about their relationship. 

It proceeded naturally and through the events of time. They were not soulmates, they were just two people who found one another. Through their proximity, they were able to work to build a committed, realistic relationship.

Frankly, once you strip the excitement of one-off short term relationship from your mindset, you’re left to realize that relationships require a lot of work. They also require each party to get their heart broken at least one. Harry dated Cho Chang before settling down with Ginny, and Ginny dated a couple of guys herself. A real relationship seems to require much more work than the ones that never last. 

In the end we see that Harry and Ginny Potter get married and have three kids. They may fight, but I sure bet they’re happy.

[Thanks Nikki Headley for the suggestion!]



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