Top 5 Fictional Relationships – #4 Cory and Topanga



Here it is, everyone. Today, at number four on our list, I bestow upon you the perfect relationship. Destiny meets personality meets age, and a chemical reaction takes place. Suddenly a generation stops to find a couple that is perfect together, setting in motion an endearing vision.

Only Cory could cheat on Topanga and mend the most perfectly awkward words to adhere the relationship tighter than before. And only Topanga could be so perfectly indecisive as to increase the anticipation and the nuance of a relationship from interest to obsession. Only Cory and Topanga can deliver us all a love to strive for.

Is it better to have loved than lost than to have never loved at all? Perhaps. But even in lost love, just knowing that a relationship like Cory and Topanga exists somewhere beyond the universe is enough. Even if that existence is simply in the vision of their creators. Suddenly, despite the most tragic of circumstances; despite the most horrendous of emotional anguish, you realize the Cory and Topanga are there. Tears of heartbreak become tears of bittersweet anticipation, and suddenly you can stand up to love again. Cory and Topanga are inseparable and indestructible. Cory and Topanga are magical. They are meant to be.

Then suddenly I look around and realize something. I found a love like that. I am Cory, and she is Topanga. No, better than that. Because we are real. We exist. And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that that kind of love does exist. And it is worth fighting for. The good and the bad, the thrills and the spills do exist. And if you have the courage to be yourself, all of those experiences will combine into something beyond magical. They’ll become something that words will not define. They’ll become something out of this world. They’ll become something … … … …

Gosh, this was only number four on the list?

[Thanks Nikki Headley for the suggestion!]
[This list is probably just an excuse to put a bunch of cute kissy photos on my blog.]




Matthew Estes

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