Top 5 Fictional Relationships – #3 Aang and Katara


How do we perceive couples in entertainment? What is the value of watching the interactions of larger than life characters on the screen? 

Good questions, but I think the answers vary based on the couple you’re watching. On Monday we looked at the hard-working relationship. On Tuesday we looked at the meant-to-be relationship. Today we’re looking at the balanced relationship.

Everything about Avatar: The Last Airbender is balanced, from the controlling of the elements to the contrast of humor and seriousness. The relationship between the show’s two protagonists, Aang and Katara, is also balanced. 

Aang is typically laid back and silly. He has trouble understanding the seriousness of a situation as it arises. He is, in a word, kind of silly. While I admit that this is closest to my personality type, I’ll also admit that it can sometimes have it’s drawbacks. 

Katara is a Type A personality. She is a go-getter, and far more of a leader than Aang supposedly is. She plans things out, and gets frustrated when things or people don’t respond the way she anticipates. You know people like this, and so do I. But as frustrating as they often are to be around, you must admit that the world would not be as structured as it is without them.

When Katara gets too over the top, Aang is the ice ready to soothe her burning fiery personality. And when Aang doesn’t understand the gravity of a situation, Katara is there to provide scope and maturity. Together they create a unit that is both sensitive and action-oriented. Together they create the real Team Avatar!

[Thanks to Nikki Headley for the suggestion!]
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