Should You Go See 50 Shades of Grey?

It’s time we talked about this. I had a 900 word or so blog post set for today. It was going to outline the doctrine of the Christian faith in relation to the topic. I was going to tell you that you should not see it, but you also shouldn’t judge the people who do. But why say in a thousand words what can be said in 250? It’s time to take my own advice.

I’m not going to go see 50 Shades of Grey. I’ve skimmed the book, watched the trailers, and read the plot summary. That was enough to make me feel dirty and even somewhat aroused. It’s not something I want to get into.

But then I realized one other thing. I am not called to tell you how to live your life. Too many times we Christians go around yelling how to live at one another. The personal revelations of the Bible take a backseat to book-writers, bloggers, and preachers who feign credibility.

The moment we do this, we take God out and replace Him with our own opinions. The Bible is an absolute standard. My interpretation of your actions is not an absolute standard. When opinions become the guiding principle behind the actions of Christians, the church gets damaged.

I love you, and that love is not contingent on if you’ve watched something I consider immoral. If love was given on a guideline of human morals, we would all, myself included, be shunned from the sight of Jesus.

Word count: 248 words.

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