Three Things I Do Not Want to Change About My Life

We spend so much time thinking and talking about the things we want to change in our lives. We want a new job, we want to move to a different state, or we want different relationships. But we never take the time to appreciate what we already have.

Because let’s face it. I’m by no means rich. I am, in essence, a “starving college student.” I wasn’t born into a rich family, and I have never made a single cent writing, despite that being my “dream” career in the future. One day I hope for that to change, though.

Here are three things I would not, and will never, change about my life. When you get done reading mine, I want you to go and write your own.

1. My relationship with my fiancee.

Yeah, you probably saw this one coming, but I could never in my wildest dreams be with a better person. Not everyone is fortunate enough to find that kind of relationship, but hey, it doesn’t mean I would change anything. She’s a wonderful person, and I’m thankful for her every day.

2. My optimistic attitude.

I don’t think anyone would label me as anything other than a giddy optimist. I can be annoyingly hyper and frustratingly positive in the face of problems. It irks me when people do not look at problems with a little bit of positive perspective. This is a trait I want to carry with me throughout my years.

3. My faith in God.

Despite my liberal arts education, I am still convinced that God loves me and I am to spend eternity in heaven. And although I’m not forceful or dogmatic about those beliefs, my relationship with Christ will never change.

Again, don’t forget to write your own list of three things you love about your life. It will help change your perspective and make you a happier person.  You only need 30 minutes and about 250 words. Get to it. Or at the very least leave them below in the comments!

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[This post was originally published on February 8, 2015. I’m revising and republishing it because I’m honestly trying to turn my little part of the word into a more positive place.]

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Matthew Estes

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