Photography Roundup Week 4

Greetings, and welcome to another Friday photography roundup. A few of my posts this week were a bit on the dark side, but I plan to even things out next week with FOUR relationship posts. That’s right, it’s relationship week! There is one on relationship abuse, but other than that it should be a fairly enjoyable romp.

Anyway, please vote for your favorite of this week’s pictures. It will help me become a better photographer in the long run. I got to go to the farm to take a few of these, and I think I got some good results. Here we go.

Monday – “Off the Beaten Path”

Tuesday – “Who Am I?”
Wednesday – “The Happiness Plan”
Thursday – “The Lonely Tree”
Friday – “Wispy Cotton:

 Anyway, see you all on Monday for Relationship Week!

About the photo: “Wispy Cotton” I always found it interesting that cotton is a crop grown in a field, but it’s not something you can really eat. Instead we use it for almost everything else. This cotton, by the way, did not survive in that form long, as it was soon harvested.

Brief, very optional, very opinionated rant on the Daily Post prompt. Kindness is not an act of retaliation. Kindness is an act of love. “Paying it forward” should not exist because people should be constantly being kind to each other without expecting anything in return. A “pay it forward” cycle is nothing a peer-pressure induced action so you won’t seem like a jerk. That is not kindness, it’s social conformity. True kindness is doing something for someone who is in no way capable of paying you back. It’s when my grandparents helped me pay for some of my college and gave me a vehicle with absolutely no obligation to do so. It’s when you pay for someone a meal when you know they can’t afford it. It’s when you take an hour to help someone understand a concept or a work task he or she just cannot seem to grasp. It is by no means a record setting “pay it forward” line at Starbucks.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.14.38 PM




Matthew Estes

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6 thoughts on “Photography Roundup Week 4

  1. I had a difficult time choosing a photo, but in the end chose The Lonely Tree because I tend to gravitate toward stark images. And now for the optional comment, I totally agree with your rant on the Daily Post prompt. True kindness is never an obligatory act. Also, this is my first stop by your site, and I loved your bios. (As an English teacher, I know well that red pens are the best!)

    1. Thank you! I have fun writing them for each person who author’s and each model. I’m glad you stopped by! I’ll be following your blog from now on. Nice to meet you!

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