Exploring YouTube Videos With Zero Views

Welcome to another journey into the undiscovered world of YouTube. This is where treasure lies, not in the overpolished entertainment of viral videos, but in real life. Each video must have ZERO views. One view is acceptable, because I’ll assume it was only seen by the uploader, but that’s it.

You are one of the very first. Enjoy.


We start things out with a bang, or rather, a dance. In animal costumes. In a gym. This one gets a bit weird.


Here’s a nice panorama of, I believe, London. It deserves at least one view, so let’s give it to them.



What I don’t understand is how cute baby videos can have no views at all.


Care for some plumbing? Me neither. This guy has done an entire journal of his pipe-dwelling experiences. And… yep… almost all of them have zero views. No wonder, pluming’s gross.

Oh my gosh! We found the only cute cat video on the Internet that nobody’s seen. Amazing.




Honorable mention goes to this unknown girl singing “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas. This video has around 50 views, but who knows. She may be the next pop superstar! She’s certainly got a good voice.





Matthew Estes

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