QOTD #1: What’s Your Favorite Competitive Cooking Show?

Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Competitive Cooking Show?

My Answer: Iron Chef America. I remember my mom and I used to watch ICA together back when it was airing primetime on Food Network. I loved Alton Brown’s smart commentary, and I loved that the show focused on the cooking, rather than the drama. Back then, my favorite iron chef was Bobby Flay, but now it’s the master himself, Masaharu Morimoto. He even makes the American Iron Chefs look like amateurs. The focus on the cooking makes it far more entertaining than shows like Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, and Cutthroat Kitchen.

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Matthew Estes

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2 thoughts on “QOTD #1: What’s Your Favorite Competitive Cooking Show?

  1. Cooking shows aren’t my thing. Am lactose intolerant (no cheese covered crap or milk itself. Pork makes am immediate trip to bathroom repeatedly. Soy makes me vomit… You get the idea. Steer clear of the unknown food substances. Love shrimp for some unknown reason. My go to food is a peanut butter sandwich with an apple and a banana for lunch. Supper can be a hamburger with french fries, salmon with a vegetable, lasagna (no cheese), a microwave steak meat with noodles dish, or a particular brand of pepperoni pizza rolls (apparently doesn’t really have too much pork in their pepperoni product). Talk about false advertising!

    1. I too have mild lactose intolerance, though it’s nothing that “lactaid” pill can’t take care of. Thanks for sharing your favorite foods.

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