QOTD #10: Nap Time!

Question of the Day: When you were in kindergarten, did you sleep on a sleeping mat during nap time? If so, do you remember the color or pattern of the mat?

My answer: I sure do. My sleeping mat had all 30 MLB team logos on it, including the defunct Montreal Expos. But here’s my secret about nap time… I never once went to sleep. Not once. All year.

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Matthew Estes

Matthew Estes currently exists in the ether between graudate student and full-time worker. One day he hopes to be a full-time novelist and blogger, but until that day comes he spends his time playing video games, eating pizza, and being with his soon-to-be wife. However, he has yet to do all three at the same time. Bucket list stuff, you know.

One thought on “QOTD #10: Nap Time!

  1. We did not have nap time in kindergarten. Was only a half day of class. Every minute was put to excellent use. Like learning how to safely cross the street. “Use your eyes on ears before you use your feet!” “Nay, Nay, from strangers stay away!” Still remember those life saving lessons. Was practising speed reading already then! Mis-took the word “ship” for the word “shit” (was more familiar with hauling, shovelling, ans scraping the other off from the farm! Got held in for recess because of my error.

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